JIANAN |Briefly introduce what is garment accessories

JIANAN |Briefly introduce what is garment accessories

The production of label hang tags includes printing, die-cutting, embossing, hot stamping and other links, requiring sophisticated equipment and processes. Printing and die-cutting are common processes, and different processes can produce different effects. |Garment Accessories
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Unique material, good waterproof and wear resistance

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a special plastic material with excellent water resistance and abrasion resistance. Therefore, the TPU clothing label can effectively prevent the words and patterns on the label from being eroded by water and dirt, making the label more durable.

Clear and easy to read, build brand image

TPU clothing labels adopt high-quality printing technology, and the text and patterns on the labels are clear and easy to read, not easy to fade. This not only enhances the brand image, but also increases the professionalism and credibility of the product.

Non-toxic and harmless, in line with environmental protection standards

TPU is an environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and harmless, and meets environmental protection standards. Using TPU clothing labels can not only protect the environment, but also win more social responsibility and trust for enterprises.

Rapid production, flexible and changeable

TPU clothing labels have the advantages of fast production and low cost. Moreover, the color, shape, size, etc. of TPU clothing labels can be customized according to the needs of customers, which is flexible and changeable to meet the different needs of customers. This advantage not only improves production efficiency, but also enhances customer satisfaction.

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Introduction to the importance and function of Garment Accessories.

Garment Accessories label hang tag is an important part of a product. Its function is not only to provide basic information of the product, but also to promote the brand, promote sales, and increase the added value of the product. The following is an introduction to the importance and function of Garment Accessories label hang tags:

Provide basic information: The basic information of the product is usually printed on the Garment Accessories tag, such as brand name, product model, size, material, etc. Consumers can use this information to understand the basic situation of the product and facilitate selection and purchase.

Increase the added value of products: An exquisite and unique Garment Accessories label hangtag can leave a deep impression on consumers, thereby increasing the added value and attractiveness of products and increasing consumers' desire to buy.

Brand promotion: Garment Accessories label hangtags can be printed with brand logos, slogans and other information, which can play a role in promoting the brand, helping the brand to establish an image and enhance brand awareness.

Promotional effect: Garment Accessories label hangtags can be printed with promotional information, such as discounts, gifts, etc., which can play a promotional role and increase product sales.

Building trust: When consumers purchase products, they can learn about the quality and size of the products through the information on the Garment Accessories label hangtag. If the information is accurate and clear, it can help consumers build trust and increase confidence in purchasing.

To sum up, the Garment Accessories label hangtag plays a very important role in product sales, not only providing basic information, but also promoting the brand, promoting sales, increasing product added value, etc., and is an indispensable part of the product .

Introduction to the importance and function of Garment Accessories.

Variety of Garment Accessories Tag Hang Tags

There are many types of Garment Accessories label hang tags, which can be designed according to different materials, shapes, colors, etc. Common label materials include paper, cloth, plastic, metal, etc., and in high-end brands, some special materials are also used, such as leather, silk, etc., to enhance the brand image and product texture. In addition, the shape of the label can also be freely played, such as square, round, rectangular, etc. Different label materials, shapes, colors, etc. will affect the look and feel of the entire garment or accessory, so designers need to carefully consider every detail. Variety of tag tags

Variety of Garment Accessories Tag Hang Tags

Tag Hang Tag Packaging Design: How to create an eye-catching Garment Accessories tag hang tag packaging.

The packaging design of the label hang tag is an important link that can make the product more attractive when displayed. Here are some suggestions that can help create eye-catching Garment Accessories label hangtag packaging:
Highlight the brand image: In the label hangtag packaging design, attention should be paid to highlighting the brand image, including the brand's color, logo, font, etc., so that consumers can recognize the brand at a glance, thereby increasing brand awareness.
Creative design: Creative label hangtag packaging can make the product more attractive. Special shapes, materials, patterns and other elements can be used to create distinctive label and tag packaging to attract consumers' attention.
Exquisite printing: The printing quality of label tag packaging is very important. It should be ensured that the printing effects of fonts, pictures, colors, etc. are clear and bright. At the same time, you can add some interesting details on the label tag packaging, such as patterns, patterns, etc., to increase the attractiveness.
Matching with the product: The label tag packaging should match the product, including color, material, style, etc. If it is a high-end luxury product, you can choose exquisite paper or plastic materials to increase the quality of the product.

Tag Hang Tag Packaging Design: How to create an eye-catching Garment Accessories tag hang tag packaging.

Design points of Garment Accessories label hangtag

Garment Accessories label hang tags also have a lot of attention in design. The font, color, pattern, typography, etc. on the label are all factors that designers need to consider. A good label design can bring better publicity effect and brand image to the brand. For example, the label design of some high-end brands is very exquisite, with simple and elegant patterns and fonts, fully reflecting the high-end positioning and quality of the brand. At the same time, labels can also be used to convey some special information, such as brand positioning, product material and origin, etc. Designers need to formulate label design schemes according to the characteristics of the brand and target consumer groups.

Design points of Garment Accessories label hangtag
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